Die On Mars

by The Callous Daoboys

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Nicky Cartel
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Nicky Cartel Whether you’re riding the wave of life like a boss or it’s kicking you in the bananas, thank the ethereal for The Callous Daoboys, keeping you movin and groovin like a burrito in your uncles digestive tract.
A electric record capable of releasing chemicals rarely felt by the human brain flowing through the body until one is ready to dominate anything and everything.
If you have heard bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, and Heavyheavylowlow who gives a fu*k you got the new new from the rookie masters of high energy nasty catchy hardcore. Lets go!🐲
Shawn Wacek
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Shawn Wacek really really like this band good job awesome vocals very spontaneous I love it Favorite track: Fake Dinosaur Bones.
cursedchris616 thumbnail
cursedchris616 reminds me of a combination of the dillinger escape plan, botch, & the chariot & parts of iwrestledabearonce. last year my aoty was errorzone by vein but for me this year its definitely die on Mars. the album is filled with the frantic chaotic breakdowns I have always loved & some of the best cleans I've heard in metalcore in forever. 10/10
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"The band capture all the chaotic, feedback-induced lunacy that popularized the Chariot with a slightly more technical approach. The band also bring in a quirky sensibility to each song that makes those maddening riffs even more violent sounding." AltPress.com

“Hey, are you a fan of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Vein, and early Cave In? Then you're going to dig what The Callous Daoboys are up to.” MetalInjection.net

“The Callous Daoboys are easily one of the catchiest and extraordinary hardcore bands of the last few years. Die on Mars is a promising release from a fresh young band giving hope that the mathcore scene won't die off as some of the greatest within the genre continue to disappear.” 8/10 Exclaim.ca

"...from its endless barrage of scorched-earth riffs and brutal breakdowns, to Carson Pace’s biting, fever-pitch vocals—feels imbued with a world-devouring sense of purpose, like the stakes surrounding the band have skyrocketed and the only way forward is to decimate anything standing in their way." ImmersiveAtlanta.com

"Overall, The Callous Daoboys’ Die on Mars is a pretty rambunctious good time. These Georgians have the skills to be the next boundary-pushers in the genre, and hopefully, this record serves as the first step toward that goal." 7/10 - Lane Oliver, MathcoreIndex.com

"An American quartet from Atlanta, practicing chaotic mathcore / rock / indie (but not that) that could be classified between Botch, Car Bomb, Code Orange, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, The Chariot, and The Number Twelve Looks Like You." ScoreAV.com

"...if you listen to mathcore, this is the band for you." MetalTrenches.com

"Ever want to go full on white boy and throw yourself into a dry wall to panic chords and a violin? Well if so, The Callous Daoboys are for you." SoundLinkMagazine.com

"If you want to have the most surging currents of energy coursing through your psyche pushed to the absolute limit, this is the band for you." 5/5 CapturedHowls.com

"The Callous Daoboys have set things on fire with their album Die On Mars. If you are a fan of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, The Chariot, or The Number Twelve Looks Like You, you really need to experience this album in full. It had me trying to catch my breath a couple times and at the end of it all it had me reaching for more. There’s a solid footing for the band within this album, if I have any hope for the next release it’s to see them takes things even further. Die On Mars is polished, unrelenting, and loud in the best way possible." Media-Dissection.com

"It doesn't seem like mathcore is slowing down, because the announcement that The Callous Daoboys are releasing a full-length album...really got me excited." TheHeavyist.com

"There are times when...the rage on the fucking track is so sincere, that it just cuts through everything." FTP.com


released June 21, 2019

All music and lyrics by The Callous Daoboys:
12" vinyl and cassettes available here:
"Fake Dinosaur Bones" music video:
"Blackberry DeLorean" music video:

Produced by Corey Bautista and Carson Pace
Engineered and mixed by Corey Bautista
Mastered by Jesse Cannon
Cover photo by Jeff Lyszczarz


all rights reserved



Dark Trail Records San Francisco, California

Independent record label founded 2017

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Track Name: Flip Flops at a Funeral
Could it be anymore obvious?
I'm digging at the wounds
Stretching at the seams
i whore myself out
i whore myself out
i whore myself out
i whore myself


flushed into illustration
distract yourself from changes


stretching at seams
disservice, harm

(this is the next best thing to killing a god like a bad habit)


reaching out in front for rebooted truth, a final attempt to secure my role
the emblematic wasp stuck in your car, am I outside of the window, or will you cleanse the cab
printing out the havoc in several prepositional phrases,
everything i know gets fucking tired
everyone gets tired
of creative torture


I'm driving into the ocean, and i don't know when i can die
straying into the sunlight, faith until i deny
Track Name: Dog Fight Over the Trenches
Let's feel it again, worth in shameful waves
Face creative floatation device

(Not my time to die)
Just pull the trigger you coward
(Mirror fight or flight)
I swear, no one will look for me or care when I'm dead
(Fresh faced angel cake)
You throw it away
(Cheap and quick funeral for the kid)
You throw it away
(Not my time to die)
(Mirror fight or flight)

Walk into 9 rings

Walk like you have no wheels

(Mirror fight or flight)

This place is a fucking pig sty
Without the charm or the shame of natural selection

Using camouflage as a primary colour,
There's always a market for death,
Shouting exposition into a wind machine,
Learning forest learned my weakness,

But i refuse to be written off as (a) Crisis Actor
Track Name: Fake Dinosaur Bones
Fake it fake it, your trepidation
Be equally afraid for the outcome

Did you know that we play house on the same moon?

All is fair in indifference, i wanna make that clear
I wanna know how it is (feels)

You won't make it
You won't

Fake it
Fake it now

The narrative of the changeling is ever-changing

Dearest changeling, ever-changing

dearest changeling





Change me
Change me

Dearest changeling, ever changing, your contradiction is so beautiful

I will always say "yes"
Only for you

Precious divisive station
Track Name: Contrail Crucifix
I only come bearing burdens,
But i don't decide to try to put weight on you darling, featherweight,

Look at how much i ruined this, Imagine how I must writhe in the Addiction

View this in full screen (Fish into a barrel)
I lose you (Cannons into wood)
I never wanted to (Be your only good)

Oh yes, I will take this dance,
I'm satisfied and i need advice on how to put you in a bed
With roses and thorns

Post-paradigm depression, backstabbers,
Waiting to be courted in righteous,
Bats to come around
Look at how cute the kids are, imagine how happy they'll be in heaven

4 laps around the cult classic, you know we'll never headline a show You go to
We need you to buy our merch so we can eat, we need you to tell your Friends about us;
"There's this brand new second rate heavy band, who can't even play Their instruments"
You'll forget our name with nothing left to say, and we'll call it quits in 2028

(When you jump in that lake of fire, where is the page that you burn?)

Torch the whole damn thing
Can you speak it?

Let it writhe in the underground symphony
Track Name: Die On Mars (Side Story)
Welcome to the bottom of the ocean where we create temptation

We stock the ladies perfume in the department store

We’re who puts the news on waiting rooms
We are the ones that flirt with the toxins too
We could be all light but instead we aren’t,
Just stay, we’ll explain it again

Swing from the tower,
To hear the words of your savior one more time
You will now see
“Eternal hospice, infernal cauldron”
Track Name: The Absolute Barnstormer
Built like a brick shit house
Glittering into the trees
Heavenly clockmaker
Resetting carnage deeds

Come into where the light is worrying for your womb

Nanotech chokes you in,
Nail in,
Paint it red, paint it red
Is this your parachute?
No, don't speak ill, or don't speak at all!

Looking for the pillow, looking for the coffin
Finding the right familiar, forcing them into the bunker

Let the rampant read
Bleed into your amplifier

Speak, speak until dusk
Worry, worry for your womb,
Change, for the sake of insects,
Repeat, refrain

Wildflower fields forever
Track Name: Blackberry Delorean
Say you are,
I guess you are the best one
The ways to die I listed are at the top of your head
But I couldn't stop myself,
And the fast fix is imminent
Can i borrow your heart, and toss it wall to wall?

It's not like a Ouija board,
It doesn't just happen

Behind this no man's land, we will report
And you can let them believe what they do isn't worthless

You wanna snuff the shackles out?
You wanna have them be framed? and taken pity on,
Manifesting your 10,000 hours?

Say you are

These words couldn't be more torn
These branches couldn't be more important
Whatever you could imagine in poor taste
Is a new favorite game of the famous poor house so, Hike up your skirt Spill champagne on the coffin
Get off her socks spill red wine in the trash,
Through kick-snare rhythms, we will dance around the topic and never Really heal

Stay out of Georgia
Track Name: Faraday Cage
Don't let your lovers in
Gold riches and the fountains
Aren't worth it in the end
Don't let your lovers in

(And you're back with 104.3 daoboys, your #1 source for adult contemporary)

Oh, don't you hate it, little lamb little lamb?
Oh, don't you hate it, being tested, little lamb?
Ripped from your home, ripped from your womb,
Ripped from your favorite song is your murder weapon

Blackmail sensation, distract yourself from changes in this bold operation

(I will never forget your face, she died with such grace)

If I see heaven coming back as someone else's ghost...then

Don't let your lovers in
Gold riches and the fountains
Aren't worth it in the end
Don't let your lovers in

The world will be filled up with gold and riches that you can't even Begin to imagine!
With me you'll never be alone! Completely in my arms for this nightmare

Wear my
Goddam ring
Track Name: Pure Schlock
Cross the line to sympathize,
Hollywoodish smile
And burned the bridge for sin of our existential style
Now all your friends are jewelry and their locked inside your box,
I swore i'd burn your promised land, now it's time for you to watch

Self-shame, set for stardom's rise
Mansion based slaughterhouse, backing scarce exposure
Tradition can't mock the warming cage faced backwards to the stage
Semi-fixed counter-activity; sermonically automatic

3 tears out of your left eye and you're buried at sea,
We sealed metal bars to your wooden cross hoping that the surface Feeds

So the next time you think that you don't need this,
(Lose touch) lose touch where you need to be compromised
(Come back) with roses in a holster
With intent to be lost with a kiss
(Lose grip) lose grip where you need to be civilized
(Cast out) your shadow coming closer

Running down the stairs with a steel trap
(Prison bound)



Nowformynextrickimgoingtoforgetabout Mybandandoverdoseonthehumancondition Becauseatsomepointmyoverblownofftimebullshit Justbecomessofuckingoldold

(I am on my own killing moon, and i'm killing myself cuz i can't make waves with bed sheets)

Running down the stairs with a steel trap
(Prison bound)

I'm so fucking sorry
I can't give in again

Everyone's a funeral, funeral, funeral
Full of guilt for good reasons

Everyone's a funeral, do the twist, do the twist

Yesterday; i'm so fucking far gone

Make sure that your high horse is tightened up, fastened in


Everyone collectively, do the twist, do the twist
Track Name: Cobra Winfrey
Tonight we go to lovers leap,
Only loving those who smoke,
Asking father for forgiveness,
Killing every blanket of certainty.
Shouting "please", I called upon your angels
They couldn't even answer, I sat on the line.

This is want i want to feel! The sound of glass!
(They say what you wanna hear)

Sing the brittle hymn, be filled with eternal light!

A student of your own safety, ever changing

Tonight we take the lovers sleep
(Make up the goddam dinner table)
Blood splatter would reveal me
(Sing the brittle hymn)
Killer of all my certainty
(Draw the cocaine star)
On the black ice

Lead us not into over-complication,
Trash talking to the non-existent camera,
My half-cocked journalistic endeavors,
My black helicopters and CIA scanners,
1 to 2 over under on the drama queen, laying on their floor, trying to Sleep until
Thursday when they wake up fine, sending life-ending shit through a Screen and a smile

You can leave me on the line with a blank, you can leave me on the tile Floor, and you can say there's so much hell here, but you don't know The fucking half

There's so much hell here
Track Name: Die On Mars (Sunspot)
I teach guitar
To celebrities like you
Caught up in the flash mob,
Invited to the mall after dark

So while you're miserable at the party, you can kill the navigation
(Witness this)

Let's test this pregnant fear, solicit evidence
Spill it in your purse with the cap off

You're so full of shit,
Writing lines for astronauts

Side story to the sunspot

Shift, sink
Made to suffer, but dead
Bird, at mass
When will it stop
In passing,
7:30 on the clock apostle on deaths door,
7 times 7 times 7 again in the bear trap
Come into alone when you sleep with the fixes
And endorse in your stitches

There’s so much out there that I wish spoke of,
A few more years and a re-issue should clear it up

And I used to think I would hate myself enough to write something memorable in the grand scheme of a guilty plea
But where’s the spark and the sudden singalongs from people that I wished were my friends at the start of this all

I’ve never stuck the wet rag in the electrical socket
Have you blemished this sick game?
Taken away it’s power?
Picture perfect, fresh faced fringe into the other side

(You make me feel like I could love myself
You could give me the whole world tomorrow
I never said you were required to
I never wanted to take up all your time)

Hold off till the day I fly off,
Till the day that I die on mars


Naysayer calls
Naysayers lie
Entomb this art
Let this art die
Track Name: Die On Mars (Addendum)
Couldn’t even answer

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